Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daba Town News

  • School has started - I am currently teaching 8 sections of math split between three schools and four locations... EEK. Most of the time I enjoy the classes but tire of the amount of work. I'd love to blog, create, relax, play, sleep more often, but I am thankful for work.
  • David is excited and happy about his schedule this semester so far. He is almost done with the Gen Ed requirements.
  • Life living with others has been straining sometimes, but most of the time I feel it is going more smoothly than I expected and we haven't run out of money yet! (Blessed)
  • Nephew Owen (Big O, Monkey) is over 5 months old and he is such a chunk! He is rolling, playing, smiling, and starting to eat some baby food.
  • Met my 75 (minimum) books read goal last year. I will go ahead and try this again (3rd year).

Party in Daba Town

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