Monday, April 26, 2010


Today, when I was on the freeway headed toward Bodo (Boise Downtown), I put my blinker on to go around a curve in the road.

That's when I realized I am tired and need coffee.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Updates in Daba Town

I have been busy lately. When I stopped being as busy I took a break to rejuvenate. So I haven't been commenting on blogs (though I have been reading most of them) and I haven't been posting much other than Quotes from Class.

Here are some things you've missed because I didn't post about them:

Big Things:
  • I passed my thesis oral defense (big sigh of relief).
  • I turned in the 2nd to last draft of my thesis (bigger sigh of relief).
  • My little brother passed his GED test.
  • My big brother took care of all his license issues with the state of New Jersey.
  • Two nieces/nephews on the way- one due Aug 1, one due Nov 24.
Medium Things:
  • I bought my cap, gown, tassel, and hood for graduation.
  • David signed up for summer school.
  • Lee J (nephew) crawls like a mad man, makes the "d" sound, and stands for long periods of time without falling.
  • I have been eating healthy foods and feeling good about it.
  • Played catch and hit some softballs with my dad. He says I "still got it."
  • Made a baby blanket (star shape through crochet) and I'm almost done making another one (patchwork of knit squares).
  • I learned how to make some new things like baby hats.
Small Things:
  • Tulips from our roommate to celebrate the thesis accomplishments.
  • David found 12 long gray hairs in a section on the back of my head.
  • Less than one month of being a student (for awhile).
  • Our dryer broke.
  • I still want a dog but it might have to wait another year.
  • I want a new lens for my camera because I want to get back into photography this summer.
  • Haven't read a book in almost a month (no time and using it as motivation to lose weight).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes from Class

More quotes from my Abstract Algebra class. Remember the German accent.

"This is an example of a bad proof. The best thing I can say about this proof is that it is probably correct."

"There should be a law: after 1000 times you shouldn't have to write square root of 2 or one half plus two thirds ever again. It would be illegal to write it after that."

"If you're lucky by the end of the course half your students know what you're talking about."

"Anything beyond x = 2/3 is too much."

"We always b**** about the bad students because they are always in your face, but there are many good students. I have to remind myself of this often or I'd shoot myself... but... I also have to consider my dog."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love... (part 12)

I love Ingrid Michaelson.
I love Jude Deveraux romances.
I love Masterpiece Theatre Classics.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quotes from Class

"While slavery was in full swing here in the US, Gauss was thinking about UFDs."

He wrote 'Same Natter' on the board and we call laughed. He said "Same Natter. Isn't 'natter' a word? I played scrabble with someone and they used it... it's famous... you can google it."

Sometimes he writes funny things when he is feeling too laid back to write all the details.
The funny part here is the "p divides this" statement.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spinning and Knitting

Over the break I went to my friend Ashley's house in Lincoln City, OR. She runs her own Fiber Arts store from her home. She buys wool, dyes it, and sells it. Sometimes she spins it but she says most people who buy from her want to spin their own yarn. She is teaching classes in Lincoln City on how to recycle yarn from sweaters, beginners knitting, beginners crocheting, and how to spin roving using a drop spindle.
We had a lot of fun this week. She practiced some of her lessons on me. Here are some pictures of what I learned.

This is what dyed roving looks like before it is spun. I picked one dyed periwinkle and violet.

Ashley also made the drop spindle I used. She is going to sell them. Mine has two leaves on the top and the word "grow."

Almost done with the scarf while in Lincoln City.

I spun the yarn extra hard to put the extra kinks into it.

 This is the finished scarf project with beaded ends.

She also taught me how to knit baby hats.

Party in Daba Town

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