Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ignored, Insulted, and Entertained

Results of our date night:

We went to the Vietnamese Pho Nouveau Bistro in downtown Boise last night. We'd been there before at lunch, but never for dinner. When we got there we were happy and excited about a date. It's been awhile since we've had one and a really long time since we've done something besides a movie. Things started to go downhill about two minutes after we sat down. The waitress seemed distracted and uninterested in serving us. After the initial taking of the order we had to stop her to ask her for something ... every ... single ... time. We ordered the spring roll appetizer, the chicken pho (pronounced fuh), the clear noodle soup (VERY clear noodles in purple-tinted liquid with various sea foods and veggies).On top of bad service, she took our food to be boxed, forgot about it till we asked for the bill, let it sit next to the bin of dirty dishes (20 minutes?), and boxed it after dessert but before bringing our bill. She didn't say goodbye or thanks or anything. The only redeeming quality of the experience was the amazing French press coffee and homemade tiramisu with coconut cream on the side. We walked out the door and trashed the leftovers at the first available bin. Talk about a $45 waste of a meal.

The opening band for the Killers' concert insulted the audience by discussing the Boise renown "right wing" majority. They said we were all right wing compared to them being left wing... ummm... at a ROCK CONCERT don't you think many people might be middle of the road or left wing even in a city like Boise? For the people who are right wing: who wants to be stereotyped anyway? They didn't get much enthusiasm from the crowd. The second band was an English-speaking mariachi band. They seemed to be mellow and glad to play for us and we enjoyed their music.
The Killers were AMAZING. We overheard 10-20 people saying this was the best show they'd ever been to or that the show was much better than they expected. I've experienced the Killers before and they did not disappoint. Since this venue was larger than the last, we got to see an excellent light show with confetti on top of the high-energy entertainment that is typical of the Killers. I guess they can still be my favorite band.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Killers and Late Nights

Oh The Killers, how I love thee. I am going to listen to them off and on all day to prepare for tonight's show. If the show in Nashville is any indication, then I will have a VERY entertaining night. David and I are also going to go out to eat downtown before the show. We like the newest restaurant, Vietnamese Pho Nouveau Bistro, so we might go there.

I got about four hours sleep last night because I've been busy. Yesterday was my "day off" and I accomplished a great deal (I think):

-2 pages written on thesis
-35 graded tests
-Lecture prepared
-Stage 1 on a craft project
-Finished a novel I've been struggling through (not Nora's best)
-Grocery shopping
-Watched new Always Sunny and Juno while grading

Even though I had to get up at 6:20 am and go to sleep at 2:45 am I felt so productive! I won't regret missing out on exercise since I did so many other things on my list... hehehe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I loathe... (part 1)

I loathe bacon.
I loathe stale cigarette-scented clothes.
I loathe wet spots on tile floors while wearing flip-flops.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I love... (part 1)

I love the word "Tuesday."
I love hidden public bathrooms that hardly ever get used.
I love cinnamon.

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