Monday, November 16, 2009

Writing a Story

My mom wants to write a novel in the month of November because of Nation Novel Writing Month. She is already working on a blog story and another novel, but the rules say you must start a new work and get 50,000 + words written (typed) before December.

I have never considered myself a writer. A reader, yes. Writing has never been enjoyable or easy for me. It doesn't help that I put up my own stumbling blocks by reminding myself of the teachers who told me I couldn't write. I force myself to write so I don't become illiterate.

Mom likes to do things with others and I am not such a bad audience. I like to be "designated reader" for her from time to time. I like to think I can come up with fun plots or characters, even if I can't actually write the story. Well NO MORE OF THAT! I have written 6000 words this month (a miracle?) and I am enjoying most of it. I actually downright LIKE our story and it is fun to see it grow.

We may or may not try to publish, but I can almost guarantee it will be available to read in the future- either in book or blog form. So if you like "chick lit" you might want to watch out for our story!


  1. I'm having so much fun writing this story WITH you (by the way, I ALWAYS KNEW YOU COULD WRITE!!). Maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful partnership!

  2. I always think of us as beautiful partners!

  3. excellent! especially the part about pushing past the doubts put there by those discouraging teachers. what do they know, anyway?

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