Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates in Daba Town

I know it has been awhile. Sorry. That's what happens when you get three job interviews (finally) and graduate with your Master's degree. Now that school is out and things have calmed down I would like to say thanks to EVERYONE for all the help, love, and words of encouragement I received over not just the past few weeks but for my whole 19 years of schooling. A special shout out to my husband and my mom (madre) for the hours of extra encouragement.

In the next few posts I will be putting up pictures from the past month and moving right along with fun things I am planning to do now that I have EXTRA FREE TIME!!!!

  • M.S. Mathematics and celebrations with family and friends.
  • Job @ Brown Mackie - contract signed for teaching a math class in June.
  • Grad present ordered: super sweet tablet (touch screen) laptop. 


    1. You're getting a tablet? Sweet! You should subscribe to EGM so you can get the digital version, then describe in detail how amazing it is.

    2. I guess you're having too much fun enjoying your free time! Good for you and congrats, once again!


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