Friday, September 17, 2010

Logic in Math Class

My students had a quiz this week and there were logic circuits on the quiz. The directions required the student to "write a logical statement using the diagram." Since I didn't emphasize that their answers should be in the form of a *symbolic* statement, one student decided to only write an English statement, which would have been alright if the student had done it correctly.

Here is what the student wrote:
"If it is delicious it is fried or it is not pork, but if it is fried it is pork."

This is funniest while grading at 2 am. The handwriting only makes it funnier.


  1. Your profile picture is perfect for this answer! And what's so wrong with pork?

  2. Nothing wrong with pork! :) The answer was supposed to look like this:

    q ^ (r v ~p) ^ p

  3. Hmmm....NOT being a math whiz by any means, I'm sure this is funnier to you than to me. Glad you enjoyed it enough to share with those smarter than me in this area, though.

    I'm a "blogger" now too! Check me out at "Simple Fare, Fairly Simple". Brand new and not "out there" yet...but I'm having fun setting it up.


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