Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Where's my hand?"

David was sleeping when I called him last night. He doesn't remember talking to me. What he does remember is what happened in the middle of the night...

Him: "Where's my hand?" - said in a PANIC.

Me: "What do you mean? It is right here." And I grab both his arms to show him his hands.

Him: "No that is your arm! Where is MY arm and hand?"

Me: "Right here!"

Him: "Oh I thought that was your arm." Almost instantly he went back to sleep.

I thought he had been dreaming. Apparently, his arm was asleep so he couldn't feel anything and the weight of his arm felt like it was coming from me.


  1. Had a similar experience once, was sleeping on my arm cutting off the blood flow. When the phone rang I was certain I was paralyzed because I couldn't reach over to answer it. The arm was DEAD for about 30 seconds...freaked me OUT!

  2. Haha....your mom has a story like that about her and Jan (I think it was Jan)....anyway...the first time she told me that story I'd thought I'd die laughing. I'm sure you've heard it....but it makes me smile just thinking about how funny it was to hear her tell it...and watching her laugh WHILE telling it!

  3. Val - I need to ask her about it... I can't remember a story like that!


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