Thursday, November 4, 2010

Didn't Get It

So I wanted to write a blog reporting whether or not I got the full time teaching job I'd applied for at one of the schools I am teaching part time. The process has been long, but has taught me a lot about the field.

I didn't get the job, but was told to apply next time there is an opening because they really liked me and my talent/knowledge.

Knowing me (which most of you do) you can expect that I've already come up with a list of "on the bright sides."


  • I most likely won't have to teach 5 or more sections of DEVELOPMENTAL math next semester.
  • I have the opportunity to get an even better suited position in the future.
  • I met some nice people: peers I'd only emailed before this process.
  • I re-acquainted myself with a friend.
  • Other adjunct math teachers have talked to me more since finding out I'd made it past the first interview.


  1. I think it's their loss that you didn't get the job. But you will get something even better in the future. I'm really proud of all you've accomplished so fast!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I am not too bummed - just wish I didn't have to mess with getting scheduled next semester... 4 bosses - only 2 have finalized my schedule.


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