Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Math Trig Wheel / Lazy Susan

Ashley was doing some of her many arts and crafts this summer while I was visiting her in Lincoln City, OR. She wood-burned and painted a Lazy Susan for her husband's relative and had an extra one. I told her that I always wanted a wheel that converts radians and degrees but that I wanted it color coordinated for when I teach trigonometry someday (color coordination makes it easy to memorize). Well we both got brainstorming and I listed exactly what to put where, which colors for the degrees/radians parts, and a bunch of other trig-related concepts like special triangles and "SOH CAH TOA." Right away Ashley jumped on my suggestions and came up with this masterful wheel that has an application problem, three major concepts, and the conversion wheel all in one. It is beautiful and functional! I cannot wait until I get to use this wheel in the classroom! Thanks Ashley!


  1. Bailey: If your friend could make a culinary lazy susan ...

  2. What do you mean culinary? Like culinary themed or just one for cooking?


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