Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's Handwriting Analysis Tip (T.H.A.T #1)

I've been on a handwriting analysis kick lately. I am reading a couple of books on the subject, keeping notes in a spiral, and making observations in my handwriting, and other samples I can find.
I find this very interesting so I've decided to share tips I've learned that I've found generally true (so far). I am at the beginning of my study so I may come back and say "FALSE TIP" to some of these, but I like the tips and take them with a grain of salt. My first posts will be tips that apply to my handwriting.

I'll be calling them T.H.A.T.'s.

Here is the first one:
A person who thinks slower than average, but will build knowledge like a wall and remember all things learned writes m's, n'm, r's and sometimes s's and c's like a rounded or flat top (like a brick). These types of thinkers are usually logical and once they've mastered a subject (no matter how long it takes) they will remember and be confident in the knowledge, using it in life and to master other subjects.

Thomas Edison was thought to be a slower than average learner in school, but the way he thought helped him in his scientific experiments. He had a patient persistence and worked logically until he completed the task at hand. His signature shows this in his "m" and "n."


  1. well i took this online handwriting analysis test online at http://www.3smartcubes.com/pages/tests/handwriting_analysis/handwriting_analysis_questions.asp
    and the free results showed me to be:
    "You don't believe in confining yourself to any limits or boundaries. You love taking initiatives, but at the same time you never rush into anything."

  2. Thanks Anna! I will definately do that.


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