Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog Reading

I love to read blogs. I think of myself as *designated reader* for my mother's writings, but I also think that I am a good audience for other writers.

So I list my few problems with blogs (in case some blogger wants my opinion as a reader).

First, I do not leave as many comments as I wish for the following reasons:
  • I have noticed most of my comments either go unread or unacknowledged.
  • I don't like to appear dumb, boring, or uninformed, which forces me to delete potential comments.
  • Some blogs are not written so that comments, other than "funny!" or "cute!" or "neat!", are hard to write.
  • Sometimes I do not have the time to think of comments, see below.
Second, I have noticed that many people post new blogs on Mondays. Monday is my busiest day, and so I find myself perusing blogs instead of reading them in detail (which is more enjoyable because I have time to digest them and perhaps comment). I find myself here, at work on a slow day, wishing there were new posts to read... but alas! there are no new posts to read. I could go back to some of the old posts I didn't get to read thoroughly, but that doesn't interest me. I will be happy when I am finished with grad school and able to read blogs everyday of the week.

If you acknowledge a comment from me or comment in response, then I thank you. I love the personal touch it adds every time I read another of your blog entries. Here are some blogs I enjoy more than others, partly due to their participation: commenter#1, commenter#2, commenter#3

If you post on a day other than Monday, then I thank you.


  1. Just don't try to read any on Mondays, then you have all that lovely catching up to do on Tuesdays (except mine of course)!

  2. But then my Google Reader overflows and I would have 50+ blogs to read!


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