Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sermon Says...

The speaker Sunday night said some funny things. I believe they are funnier out of context.

I'm not going green on anybody.

My wife got sick and I lost my caregiver.

When did you bring me a cup of coffee... I mean... when did you bring me a cup of cold water?

Is this BroncoNation? I think I'm starting to fit in- I even got an orange shirt.

I worked 8 to faint.

Well, when we look at...oh that's the end.


  1. working 8 to faint.. urban dictionary worthy : )

  2. yeah, he's pretty punny, I mean funny... :)

  3. LOL. Yes, these are definitely better out of context ... not that I ever knew the context. :)

    Have a merry week!


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