Friday, March 5, 2010

Defend Thy Thesis or Else!

"Why is it called a 'defense'? Are they going to attack?" ~ Frank

My paper doesn't have a title yet because we reorganized the paper and it has a new focus. It is about Carter surfaces, virtual knots, and the genus problem.

The whole idea of presenting my work in front of professors stresses me out even though most of my audience will be people who care about me and want me to succeed. I also think that half of the audience will get lost after the second slide (which is a good thing, because people who don't get it usually don't ask hard questions).

My thesis (master's in mathematics) defense is scheduled for April 7, 2010. If you are in the Boise area (or not), then you are welcome to come! I love support from friends and family. You may now leave me well wishes and encouragement. :)

1 comment:

  1. My mantra on my way to defend my dissertation, and prior to that, my thesis, was this, "they want me to pass even more than *I* want to pass"

    I repeated that over and over while inhaling and exhaling very deeply.


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