Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quotes from Class

"While slavery was in full swing here in the US, Gauss was thinking about UFDs."

He wrote 'Same Natter' on the board and we call laughed. He said "Same Natter. Isn't 'natter' a word? I played scrabble with someone and they used it... it's famous... you can google it."

Sometimes he writes funny things when he is feeling too laid back to write all the details.
The funny part here is the "p divides this" statement.


  1. So, um, what's HIS definition of "natter"?

  2. He said what it actually does mean: talk or conversation. He was proving something and instead of writing what we usually say (proof for ___ uses a similar argument) he just wrote on the board "proof same natter." It made sense but we'd never heard that word before.

  3. natter = mindless chatter (he thought the details for this proof were overkill to begin with so repeating the info is natter).


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