Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spinning and Knitting

Over the break I went to my friend Ashley's house in Lincoln City, OR. She runs her own Fiber Arts store from her home. She buys wool, dyes it, and sells it. Sometimes she spins it but she says most people who buy from her want to spin their own yarn. She is teaching classes in Lincoln City on how to recycle yarn from sweaters, beginners knitting, beginners crocheting, and how to spin roving using a drop spindle.
We had a lot of fun this week. She practiced some of her lessons on me. Here are some pictures of what I learned.

This is what dyed roving looks like before it is spun. I picked one dyed periwinkle and violet.

Ashley also made the drop spindle I used. She is going to sell them. Mine has two leaves on the top and the word "grow."

Almost done with the scarf while in Lincoln City.

I spun the yarn extra hard to put the extra kinks into it.

 This is the finished scarf project with beaded ends.

She also taught me how to knit baby hats.


  1. Oh my goodness! How long did you stay with Ashley?? Wonderful yarn, scarf & hat!! I wish I could visit Ashley........she must be great inspiration!! sandi in texas

  2. I stayed with Ashley for about 5 days. She is an incredible inspiration!

  3. She is incredibly talented...and so are you! It's fun to learn new things, especially new creative things! (sorry I haven't commented lately....I've been completely self-absorbed...I'm caught up now!)


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