Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Already?

So I haven't posted much. I thought I would post more over break but I haven't been doing that. I am enjoying break more than ever before. I sit around... read... play video games... hang out with husband... It has been fantastic!
Here is a melting pot of thoughts from the past few weeks.

  • Lose "the weight" by the deadline of September 1st, then begin on 2nd half of goal weight.
  • Finish Master's degree.
  • Read the entire Bible at least once.
  • Read over 75 books (repeat resolution).
Fun and Time-Sucking PS3 Video Games:
  • Civilization Revolution
  • Eden
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Braid
Random Thoughts:
  • New Moon was good enough to see twice in the theater but the story line is still my least favorite of the four Twilight Saga books.
  • Still don't like doing housework.
  • Sore throats are a bummer.
  • South Beach Diet is the only diet that works for me (and holidays).
  • iTunes giftcards do not suck.
  • Family Game Nights are still the best.
  • I still LOVE my LG Dare cellphone- even after a year.
Well, that's about it right now. I might add some to this post as I think of items.


  1. I love that you added lists other than just resolutions! Wow about the master's degree.

    In the vagueness of my goals, reading more books is on my mind. I think that I have a lot of *time-sucks* that I could eliminate to make room for reading.

    And, um, I have some *the weight* that I'd like to suddenly find gone. Or gradually, since that is more likely. :)

  2. Yeah... suddenly gone would be nice, but it would probably worry me if it happened.

  3. We can both reach our goals this year...I feel it in my bones!


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