Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rant, Rationalize, or Retry

The first phase (after a bad day):
I usually feel like ranting about what went wrong. Usually my office mates suffer but generally are nice enough to listen and sympathize.

The second phase:
I try to explain, this time to myself, what went wrong, when it went wrong, what I did wrong, and what others might have done wrong.

The third phase:
I think about making lists of what I learned from the mishap(s) and think about next time I am in a similar situation what I will do differently.

I thought about writing a blog on my bad day yesterday, but I didn't, and I am glad.
I thought about writing a list of all the lessons I learned (see similar post).
I thought about this almost all day yesterday, and since 2am this morning.

The result:
I am full of good intentions and motivation right now, but I fear that like usual, these feelings are fleeting. As I get older I feel stronger, but I don't always see the results of my strength when I apply it to my current efforts. These thoughts are pretty random. Another result from lack of sleep.


  1. That's an interesting way of dealing with bad days. Hope things are going better.

  2. You are better about tackling and analyzing your bad days immediately than I am...I usually stew a bit longer and then go into denial for a while before I really try to solve anything. I'm proud of your analytical mind and practical nature...I will try to be more like you!


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