Monday, February 1, 2010


I don't usually promote my photography "skills" since I haven't had much time to practice them lately. I love the hobby, but it is just that, a hobby. Friends and family sometimes use me as a free substitute for professional pictures. I'm pretty sure they get the job done. At holidays and get-togethers, I am behind the camera and sometimes I take pictures of things I find interesting or pretty.

Note: I always want a better camera.

Here is a picture from a laid back, non-professional by any means, photo shoot of my nephew. Makes me wanna pinch his cheeks! ~Proud Aunt


  1. nice! what kind of camera do you have currently? anything heavy-duty?

  2. What a cutie! Great shot. I love it when you happen upon pics like this one.

  3. "Crush" - I have a Canon Rebel (digital).


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