Thursday, February 4, 2010

Traditions in Daba Town (part 1)

We have a lot of traditions in Daba Town. Some we established as early as December 2006 (when David and I became an official couple). There are some we try very hard to keep and some we have missed a few times, yet it is still in the back of my mind. We made a rule when we got married: "We're our own family now! We get to make our own traditions!"

Since we have just experienced the massive celebratory season (middle November to middle January) and since we have a couple celebrations coming up, I thought it would be fun to list some of our non-traditional traditions.

  • Birthdays- David's birthday is coming up: Birthdays begin with sparkling Welch's grape juice at midnight. They are spent with spouse = slave of birthday spouse. Usually this day includes an expensive restaurant meal (on top of family home-made, birthday person's requested meal some day after actual birthday). Since we are impatient people here in Daba Town, we usually buy expensive presents "for each other" in mid November and call them our "Christmas/Birthday" gifts. By the time birthdays come around, we always like to spend a little more on a small token-ish present, usually a video game.
  • Valentine's Day- We were very poor for our first couple of Valentine's Days, so we began the $5 limit rule. For Valentine's Day we exchange gifts worth $5 or less. We've decided that after every 5 years of marriage we will add $5 to our gift limit. (David wanted us to start at $50 and work our way down, but he knows we can't afford THAT every year.)
  • Thanksgiving- When on our own in Kentucky and working at the movie theater on Thanksgiving, we made the traditional mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, deviled eggs, and pumpkin pie. We also included egg rolls and jalapeno poppers.
  • Daba Day- January 26th, the average of our two birthdays. We didn't do anything special for Daba Day this year because on that particular day we were really busy with school. This day came about because of the Wii. We thought it would be fun to make a "Mii" character who was the average of both our features. It was just a joke. When they asked for the name, of course we put Daba, but then it asked the birthday and we realized Daba needed a special day! Why put our anniversary when we can come up with another day to make special- another "excuse" to have fun? Thus the average of our birthday became a Daba Town holiday. Sometimes it is celebrated with a date or just making time to spend together at home, but we always say "Happy Daba Day!"

To be continued... but... What are some of your non-traditional traditions?


  1. That's cute! I especially like Daba Day.

    Our non-traditional tradition that comes to mind is that my family always had Shrimp Jambalaya on Christmas Day, because we were tired of turkey. So I've carried that one on and always make a pot to take to Frank's parents' house.

  2. I love your Daba Day! Chris's birthday is just 9 days after mine ... so maybe we should just celebrate once right smack in the middle! Cool.

  3. I adore the making of one's own, and a family's own, traditions.

    Our traditions include things like making time capsules, celebrating seasonal holidays (solstices and equinoctes) instead of religious holidays, and just generally living in an authentic way. Everything about us is untraditional. :)

  4. You guys are definitely the "cool" kind of quirky! You probably know our odd little traditions better than I do. Um, a huge feasty/junky spread for New Year's Day (but I kind of stole that from my sister)...watching White Christmas faithfully every holiday season (and it should be first!)...I can't think of any more.


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